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Steel foundations

Foundation design in Pinner and London

At MDM Design, we offer first class foundation design for domestic and commercial projects across Pinner and London. Get in touch with us today.

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concrete foundation in the construction trench. Image shot 2006. Exact date unknown
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Concrete specialists

Foundations are the most important structure of any building. At MDM Design Ltd, we use the latest software to ensure that your building has the structural support to stand the test of time. Our foundation services include:


Pad foundations

Trenchfill foundations

Raft foundations



Retaining walls

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Trenchfill foundations

If the soil on which you're building is firm enough, then this trenchfill is the ideal solution.


In this type of foundation, concrete is poured to within 150 mm from the ground level. This technique is quick and efficient as it eliminates labour and temporary works.

Builder or construction worker attaching wire ties to a groundwork steel frame prior to pl
Foundations being dug
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Raft foundations

As this type of foundation doesn't require deep excavations, it can be fast and inexpensive. It involves a large concrete slab that can support a number columns and walls.


However, they are not effective where structural loads are concentrated mostly on certain areas.

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Make sure your project's built on firm foundations

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